Spring 2012 Permaculture Courses in Alice Springs

Open air classroom at the Community Gardens

This Spring, desertSMART COOLmob is proud to be organising two great Permaculture courses in Alice Springs.

Last weekend (September 1 & 2) at the Alice Springs Community Gardens was the Introduction to Permaculture course – a fantastic, hands on introduction to the concepts and practices of Permaculture in a backyard setting, in the arid zone. Facilitated by Alex McClean, Chris Warren and Eleven Greenstones, the course was well attended by 12 keen Alice Springs greenthumbs keen to learn some design skills, make some new friends and find out how to get those vegies to grow and flourish in the unforgiving central Australian climate. The course covered alot of territory in only 2 days, and everybody went home with a Permaculture design of their own backyard, a hands on experience of building a wicking bed (courtesy of Jimmy Cocking – inventor of the queen bed wcking bed) their imaginations brimming full of new ideas to try out. All in all a real success!

Spring 2012 Intro to Permaculture Class

Next up in October (from the 8th – 20th) will be a full Permaculture Design Certificate, facilitated by Lachlan McKenzie (Lakeside Community Gardens, Darwin) with a host of co-facilitaors, co-contributors, co-conspirators and fascinating field trips planned in and around Alice Springs. This 2 week, 72 hour intensive course is fully accredited through the Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute, and will cover all aspects of permaculture design and practice in arid and non-arid climates.

Places are limited, so make sure you book soon! For more info, download the flyer or email info@desertsmartcoolmob.org.