Meet the desertSMART COOLmob Team

 Hayley Michener – Program Manager 2014

FoodMapWesbiteHayley took over from Alex in 2014 and managed Coolmob up until its close on 30th June 2014. Hayley developed and ran the desertSMART Challenge as well as continued the Food For Alice project.



Alex McClean – desertSMART COOLmob Program Manager

Alex has been managing the desertSMART COOLmob program since January 2012 when he took over from previous manager Maggie Turnbull. A new migrant to the Alice, he moved here to take up the COOLmob job, after returning to Australia from four years in East Timor working with local NGOs and small farmers on sustainable agriculture and climate change issues.

Alex has a background in community development and permaculture, and is keen to explore some new areas of work for COOLmob around sustainable food, as well as building on COOLmob’s traditional strengths of home energy and water efficiency.


Ella McHenry – desertSMART Projects Officer

Ella has been living in Alice Springs for most of the last six years (aside from stints in Vanuatu and Maningrida) working in the fields of community development and land management. She has also spent quite a lot of time pottering about in the garden, exploring the cultural and environmental oddities of Central Australia and making award winning preserves.

She has started with desertSMART COOLmob in November 2012 and will be working on a variety of projects including Low Income Household Energy Efficiency, the Sustainable Science trail and the Roadmap to a desertSMART Town.


Cassandra Douglas-Hill – desertSMART Projects Officer

Cassandra has been living in Alice Springs for 3 years now, and after assisting COOLmob in organizing the inaugural 2012 desertSMART Regional Food Summit, she has now started permanently with COOLmob in November, with a focus on sustainable food issues and the Roadmap to a desertSMART Town project.

She has a background in environmental science and public health, and as well as spending time working for the Jimmy Little Foundation across the top end, has also spent time working with food coops in Brisbane and on health promotion in Papua New Guinea.

Cassie is a passionate advocate of alternative, community driven  food systems and is the founder of Food for Alice, a community local food initiative in Alice.



COOLmob engages casual and contract staff on an as needs basis and volunteers are always sought after and very welcome.

If you are interested in casual or volunteer work please Contact Us.