Past Projects


ClimatePhoto by Jeanette Wormald (Desert Knowledge Australia Outback Business Networks)

spoon winner smldesertSMART Challenge (2014)Roadmap to a desertSMART Town 2013 – 2018Sustainability Films (2013)Food for Alice (Local food project) ongoing
Food Mapping project (2013/14)
Roadmap to a
desertSMART Town Evaluation (2013)
Low Income Household Energy and Water Efficiency Project (2013)
desertSMART Regional Food Summit (2012)
Sustainable Living Media Campaign (2011)
Loaner Bags (2011)
Sustainable Living House (2011)
Water-wise Garden Tune Ups (2009-2011)
Solar Oven Bakeoff (2008-2010)
Todd Mall Closed Door Campaign (2009)
DesertSmart Gardens Challenge
Calculators (2008)
Retrofit Day (2006 – 2007)
Arid Zone Display Garden (2005)
Cool_Living_House (2003)