Garden TuneUP Project


The highly successful Garden Tune-up Project ran from 2009 – 2011, targeting high water use in Alice Springs Gardens.

Alice Springs has the highest water consumption per capita in Australia,  with water used in the garden making up the highest percentage of water use in the average Alice Springs home. All this in the arid heart of Australia. In partnership with NRETAS and local garden experts, desertSMART COOLmob has been targeting high water use on gardens in Alice Springs through garden audits and water efficiency plans.

See our great ‘Garden Tune Ups’ documentary below for full details on the project, or read the academic paper outlining the project and it’s successes by previous COOLmob manager Maggie Turnbull.

The Garden Tune Ups Project has now been made part of the Alice Water Smart Homes and Businesses Project, so you can still book a Garden Tune Up consultation for your garden through the Alice Water Smart Website.